Kartzfehn research – always one step ahead

Animal health and welfare given top priority

For best growing turkeys need best conditions – Kartzfehn research tests which screws can be thrown to improve animal health and thus animal performance and welfare.

Tests on feed, water, breeds and managements-techniques are conducted four barns and in groups of 80 to 4.000 birds at all ages. Thus both by statistically proper interpretation in pens and practical tests in bigger groups all questions of modern turkey management may be answered.

New breeds, optimised feed composition, best litter quality and management tools on air flow, lighting and water sanitation are in 2013 topics we focus on. If you need answers – feel free to ask for tests in our research facilities.

Participation in a national research program on adaptation of German turkey husbandry to climate changes completes the Kartzfehn research program in 2013.