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Moorgut Kartzfehn is one of the largest turkey breeding businesses
in Europe. Our expertise and innovations have been helping us deliver
top quality and excellent service for 60 years now.

We are Kartzfehn

As we rear all our own parent birds in Germany, 'Kartzfehn Premium' has come to be a quality standard
recognised across the entire industry. We deliver day-old turkeys, poults and hatching eggs in the
BUT6 strains to almost any address. For decades now, our research has been giving rise to
new discoveries relating to turkeys. Kartzfehn customers value the expert knowledge of our
team of consultants and our regular training opportunities.

Turkeys from Kartzfehn for 60 years

The Kartzfehn turkey breeding business was started up in 1957. The lack
of structure and demand may have meant that the future didn't look so bright back then,
but that didn't stop the Kartzfehn pioneers led by Dobimar von Kameke and Mortimer von Kessel
from setting up a turkey breeding business, where the first 70 poults hatched out of 100
eggs in the May of 1957.
On the basis of ongoing research into breeding, keeping, feeding, hatching and hygiene
alongside exemplary working relationships with rearing farms and marketing companies, the company evolved
to become a market leader, setting the standards for the German turkey industry.

The history of Kartzfehn stretches all the way back to 1922: