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Kartzfehn specialist discussions and fact-finding trips

Over the years, events such as the Kartzfehn farmer discussion sessions have come to be a valuable platform for sharing knowledge and experiences within the turkey industry. We always attract plenty of interest in these well-attended events. We regularly welcome some 500 participants to 10 different locations dotted across Germany.

At these events, we bring together turkey rearers, vets and representatives from feed producers with a view to presenting and discussing the latest findings and developments from research, science, politics and day-to-day practice.

Participants receive an official certificate, which can be used for quality assurance purposes amongst other things.

In order to give our customers some insight into the technology and methods used within agriculture and above all turkey rearing in other countries, we regularly invite them on trade trips and fact-finding voyages abroad. These excursions have been providing plenty of opportunities to engage in in-depth discussion for a number of years now.