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Kartzfehn Premium

Healthy parent birds for premium quality guaranteed

In line with our premium standards, we only ever select the best birds to be future breeding hens and toms to produce hatching eggs. Health conditions at our parent bird locations are impeccable and free from outside influences. With our farm locations being decentralised in north and east Germany, deliveries are extremely reliable, especially as far as the export business is concerned.

With perfectly coordinated rearing, hygiene and feed technologies and our highly trained staff, we are in a position to specifically optimise the development of our parent birds. Our turkeys are fed with balanced feed that is tailored to the birds' individual needs using recipes created in our own feed factory.

Turkey feed is also always at the heart of our research work.

As part of our premium concept, we stopped buying in hatching eggs produced externally back in 2007. Producing all our own eggs is the only way we can give our customers a full guarantee as to the origin of the birds. And that's based on us personally tending to and monitoring every single parent bird barn. All of the hatching eggs to leave our farms for the hatchery are of premium quality.

So we can be sure that the hatching eggs do in fact tally up with our high quality standards, they are examined again closely and selected before going to the hatchery.

Our hatcheries boast state-of-the-art technology and comply with the latest hygiene requirements. Employees with many years of experience are on hand to make sure that only first-rate poults make their way to our customers.